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Originally Posted by Kelly White View Post
I would go two weeks without "a ton of fruit" before you make any big changes.

That may be all you need.
I realize and am taking steps to do this. Will limit my fruit intake and use in moderation.

Say, in the morning, before my workouts.

Take for today for example.

60-70 minute run
DE Deadlift
Assistance Work
Annie CF WOD (instead of prowler/sled)

So I have to keep my intake of food to solid amounts, as mentioned for recovery and what not.

After this workout, I had to eat PWO, 1 hour later a meal, then 2 hours later last meal. I just felt out of it, until after my last meal.

I do want to lose that last ten though.

My clothes are fitting better and the scale isn't dropping so much, so perhaps my body composition is changing which is a lot better no?
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