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Fruit's got nothing to do with it, and you should eat it. It's good for you. Only reduce it if your calories are too high. Otherwise, the vitamins and minerals will do you good.

If you are currently at 195 lbs, your maintenance cals as a very general rule should be in the neighbor hood of 2900-3000 (195 x 15 = 2925 kcal/day). Looking at your activity level, you are likely requiring a bit more food than that just to maintain your bodyweight.

Looking at your day for yesterday, 1/24:

What should my min. number of calories be a day?

This was my day yesterday:

Calories - 2,062

Fat - 94.8

Carbs - 145.9

Protein - 171.0

100% Paleo/Primal except for postworkout (whey protein/gatorade)

Good? Bad?
Drastic undereating = Bad.

My recommendations because I would rather see you succeed over a period of 6-10 weeks instead of kick around in threads and still not see your abs (if that's what you want) over 16 weeks would be something like this:

Kick the primal thing. It's fine and all, but it is hard to get enough of anything when you've got an activity level like that. Increasing your starchy carbohydrate consumption, especially around workouts when it is easier for most psychologically, will do you well when it comes to performance. Do this through yams, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes (uh oh), rice (black rice supposedly has more antioxidants than blueberries at a better cost), squashes etc.) These are all more or less "Paleo". Don't get too hung up on it though. Eat to live, not the other way around.

Raise your calories to maintenance for 10-14 days to give your body a chance to recover, hormones to balance out a bit etc. Take a deload over this time period as well. Periodization is effective, no matter what Greg Glassman says. Take a deload. Take a deload. Take a deload.

After that time period, get your calories right between 2500-2700 and avoid a SLAP tear. Adjust as you near your goal or something stops working. Weight loss is often not linear as the body adjusts to acute changes (less fidgeting, more fidgeting, less body heat, more body heat etc. depending on calories/carbohydrate surplus/deficit). Something that will likely do your body good, as well as your sanity would be to time a diet break with your training deloads. Since you should be deloading every 4th week running 5/3/1, make sure you deload your CF stuff, and take a break to eat normally and have a little (just a little) fun off your diet. That means dieting well and disciplines for 3 weeks, chilling out a touch for 1, rinse and repeat. You may reach your goal sooner than you think. Or longer.

Again, 2500-2700. Nothing less than this, and better to be around 2700.
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