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This next little one should be a light one for you.

For Time:
10 Hang Clean Shrug 135
20 Hang Clean High Pull 135
30 Hang Clean 135
40 Clean 135

Followed by ME - BS 4x4

I want you to give her shit on this one, set up 2 bars and as soon as you have the chipper done get onto your first set of BS. Rest however you please between sets but don't rest between the chipper and the first set of squats.

You're going to hate me! I hope whatever you do for a living doesn't involve the use of your hands....

Your going to need a couple of days rest after that one!

I use this point alot - many powerlifters wont make it around the block without getting in their car, but they can pick the damn car up.

I want you to be able to pick the car up and run with it.
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