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Originally Posted by Charlie Vassallo View Post
What should my min. number of calories be a day?

This was my day yesterday:

Calories - 2,062

Fat - 94.8

Carbs - 145.9

Protein - 171.0

100% Paleo/Primal except for postworkout (whey protein/gatorade)

Good? Bad?
Either of these will give you a reasonably accurate estimate of how many calories you require per day -

DRI Nutrient Calculator.

Diet Genie Calorie Requirements Estimator.

Don't get too hung up on the numbers though because it's almost impossible to accurately estimate your own calorie intake and you could easily be out by as much as 50%. Just focus on making the small changes you need to cut 250 kcal/d. from your diet. This can be as simple as choosing leaner cuts of meat, cutting down on milk and dairy products or switching to low fat products, eating plain boiled or baked potatoes instead of rice/pasta, cutting down on snacks or just putting a little less food on your plate at every meal. It's up to you how you do it but you really don't need to overthink this stuff.
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