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Joe Birch
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Thanks again for your previous messages, I am seeing a physio in feb (earliest one i could get without paying unfortunately) but I have uploaded a video of me doing some should flexion and abduction to hopefully have a rough look at what is going on with my scapular if is related to that (if you watch in popout window in smaller screen its easier to see whats going on).

Fist 5 reps of each exercise are me in my relaxed normal posture, the 2nd 5 reps are me making a conscious effort to correctly place my shoulders/scapular.

Symptoms still the same, pain still originates from inner clavicle and spreads along it, getting worse towards the end of the clavicle as my arms goes overhead. If anyone could comment on my scapular movement or suggest whether it maybe related to my injury i would really appreciate it. Can upload videos of different movements/angles if that would help.

Thanks, Joe
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