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First, thanks for all the responses and help thus far.

Now, I just wanted to explain a few things.

I do two long runs a week and they fall in place with me getting to the gym.

The other days, I usually just walk there or run there (no detour - 15 - 25 minutes) depending on what route I take.

On the days I don't have a long run my routine goes like this.

Prowler/Sled or WOD

Now about foods. I don't like to eat grains and am not a huge fan of pasta so that's no problem. I can do without breads except for on Sunday when I like to eat a few pieces. I enjoy sweet potatoes, squash and have been incorporating that into my diet more often. I have no need to worry about junk as I'm not really into that unless its a cheat day. As for other foods, i enjoy the paleo/primal way but will start to incorporate other foods as mentioned.

I think I'm having such a hard time losing the last little bit, because I'm simply just not eating enough with the amount of activity I'm doing.

I just want to be sure I'm eating enough for recovery and performance and be able to avoid some dumb injury because I'm lacking nutrients.
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