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The pain originated from the SC joint area (not necessarily the joint itself) and has spread out along the length of the clavicle, if i were to lift my arm, the pain goes out as far as where the upper trap ends and deltoid begins, no pain in the outside of my shoulder or as far as the acomion.

I guess this has led me to believe it's either upper trap problem or my supraspinatus getting crushed in the space between my scap and clavicle. I haven't had any luck with rehabbing it myself using normal shoulder impingement physio exer's, but admittedly that rehab has lacked direction and focus because i haven't had it professionally looked at.

The pain originally came on from a period of doing a lot of benching and close grip chins because of a lowerback/knee problem which meant taking out military press and bent over rows which were usually part of my training (which was previously focussed around squat\bench\deads and assistance exercises).
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