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Training has been all over the place this week.

PT w/ Marines
(boots/utes/flak jacket)

broadjump burpee x 3 followed by bear crawl 15meters
broad jump burpee x 3 followed by crab walk 15 meters
inch worms/spider man pushups

Work Capacity/Suck Fest...w/24kg KB
800m run
42 swings (21L/21R)
21 KB thrusters
21 burpees
800m run
30 swings (15L/15R)
15 KB thrustes
15 burpees
800m run
18 swings (9L/9R)
9 KB thrusters
9 burpees


first time in several months wearing the flak jacket...def made an impact on my breathing and everything else. Going to start adding this to my training more and more.


95lbs - 155lbs

KB work, box jumps, heavy bag...

Active recovery get my strength work dialed in ...been going at it wrecklessy
"One must try everyday to expand one's limits."
~Mas Oyama~
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