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Regardless, the principles still do in fact, hold true.

Eat less, move a little more. Fat loss is fat loss.

If it's someone who is looking for performance, his training volume is going to be a little higher than someone who just wants to look good. In which case the point that Darryl made, and then I made as well, that the caloric deficit needs to be smaller is the general principle to remember.

Someone who wants to get a little abby for the hell of it (nothing wrong with that), can do something more like the walking, lifting and eating much less ( a whole lot less, like a PSMF/V Diet thing). An extreme deficit with a high volume of training would be a poor choice. I speak from experience on that one.

Either way, the principles are still the same with the application shifting.

OP has said he's got a crazy training schedule that he seems to like and want to maintain as best as he can. I agree that he's chasing too many rabbits, but he's said he likes his WOD, needs to run for whatever reason, and I'm not going to tell someone who is after fat loss to stop lifting, and 5/3/1 is a decent approach since intensity is modulated by the set up. So, small deficits, with disciplined training deloads and diet breaks become the basic template given his situation.

Where is the disagreement?
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