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I have cut my runs to twice a week (just two long runs a week). I am prepping for a 30km race.

As for everything else, its not to show abs or anything, its just to feel good and improve overall personal performance. I know the abs are all diet and strict diet control.

I don't feel sluggish, lack recovery or anything like that, and that's the thing, you would think I would.

I listed my days as being 5/3/1 + Assistance and then at times the WOD or prowler work.

And this is to much for fat loss?

Perhaps the post workout whey protein is?

So, if I were to change my routine up, how would it look to optimize the most amount of fat loss?

Run = walk

And done or totally different?

Its just I can't eat solids after some of the intense workouts, I would rather drink.
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