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Originally Posted by Charlie Vassallo View Post
I have cut my runs to twice a week (just two long runs a week). I am prepping for a 30km race.

As for everything else, its not to show abs or anything, its just to feel good and improve overall personal performance. I know the abs are all diet and strict diet control.

I don't feel sluggish, lack recovery or anything like that, and that's the thing, you would think I would.

I listed my days as being 5/3/1 + Assistance and then at times the WOD or prowler work.

And this is to much for fat loss?

Perhaps the post workout whey protein is?

So, if I were to change my routine up, how would it look to optimize the most amount of fat loss?

Run = walk

And done or totally different?

Its just I can't eat solids after some of the intense workouts, I would rather drink.
The bold and underlined part changes everything.

5/3/1 + assistance and either Prowler OR WOD is too much. Not only that, but it is far from optimal to run a race of 30km.

Better idea, and stay with it to get an idea of where fat loss ties in and may come from regarding training, food etc.:
Lift no more than 2x/week. Short and sweet. Any assistance should be of the injury prevention variety, focusing on trunk control, mobility and strength around your hips (special attention to the glute med.), knees and ankles. Enough upper back work to maintain good posture. No need to introduce more training stress than necessary. Maintenance should be the mindset until after the race.

Actually train for the race by putting in the mileage. This means absolutely nothing resembling CFE. I can't think of anything less conducive to a successful 30km race than the WOD (mainpage or CFE), other than not training at all. In the paraphrased words of Mark Twight: In order to go long, you must train long.

@ 195 lbs, your BMR, not factoring in the endurance work that's required is 2900-3000 kcal/day. I wouldn't be surprised to see you needing closer to 3500 or even higher in order to maintain once your mileage kicks up. Endurance work burns a ton of calories due to the volume/duration.

It is very easy to run a caloric deficit while training for an endurance event. Best not tinker with your food until necessary, and be willing to even bump calories if need be. Under recovery is a great way to burn out and get hurt fairly early in the game.

Look to get at least 1 g/PRO/lb/day. Minimum of 1.5 g/CHO/lb/day. .5-.75g/fat/lb/day. Adjust carbohydrates upwards as training load increases, weight falls too fast, or general feeling of under recovery begins to set in.

And regarding the whey protein PWO. Liquid nutrition is fine and often preferred following cases of heavy training. Besides being easier on the GI tract, it is a great way to help get adequate caloric load when the demand is high. From a health standpoint, whole food coming from as close to the natural source is obviously best, but if everything else is dialed in, there's not much to worry about here.

Just my semi humble opinion. I will freely admit that my knowledge of all this is still developing, but I do have enough knowledge to know that the current program you've got going isn't going to work well for you come race day. I also have a feeling you'll still do Fran next time it comes around. I note these things because I identify with you a bit and mean no offense.

Best of luck and let us know how the race goes.
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- CJ Kim
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