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Andrew Wilson
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Yeah most of the events don't translate to people that never have been around them. They don't understand how difficult it is to have a 10 second 100m, or a 47 second 400m, or a 4 minute+ mile; and have all three that strong. A sub 4minute miler can run a sub 60 sec 400m, deca have to have a 400m sub 50 sec. It's taking a 10 second 100m sprinter, have him run 26 miles a week; that's such a crazy concept of having an athlete that has a vertical jump of 41+ inches with triple bodyweight back squat, and have him run a 4 minute+ mile, then have the touch and go explosiveness for the 110m hurdles, and still not losing any speed in the 100m or conditioning for 400m. That's not even mentioning the 2m high jump and 8m long jump.
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