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Default Tough Mudder - March 2011 Georgia

I'm entered with a team to participate in the Tough Mudder in mid-March in Georgia.
You can see the course map and info here.

Has anyone on here been through this event or similar?
Any experiences or tips to share?

Found this review of the event and thought it was pretty good.

Recommendations on training leading up to the event?
Taper before the event?

I just changed up my training recently as I was CFing for the past year and decided I would be better served with a traditional strength program with a little conditioning added in. It's called the Juggernaut Method if you guys have heard of it. Focus on the big 4 lifts with accessory work and for conditioning I've been running hills and pushing a prowler.

I've been hitting the trails for some runs and getting some slow miles in on the road. This close to the event what should my mileage goals be for each week?

I'm more a sprinter than a distance runner, but I ran a half-marathon in 1:43 in Nov. 2009.

I'm also considering what I should do for footwear and fueling during the race. I've been running in VFFs for a while now so I'm tempted to pickup a pair of Trek Sports and go with those, but I'll need to pick up the mileage in VFFs as I still haven't gone a real long distance in the VFFs, max is about 7-8 miles.

Since the Tough Mudder is 12 miles I'm curious what some do for fueling during the race. Carry gel packs and down them with water along the course? I'm wary of bringing something that will just get in the way during the event.

Thanks for any information or tips.
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