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Default Logan's Workout Log

First time doing a log, we’ll see how it goes. My training background would consist of training for baseball in high school and part of college. I was never able to train consistently due to being in and out of season. Now that I am done with baseball I will be able to weight lift exclusively. Very excited! For the past few months I’ve been following a program by Ross Enamait but I would like to add a little more size and strength.

My current stats and lifts
6’3’’ 208 lbs- 20 years old

Current Personal Records:

Deadlift- 455 lbs
Squat- 385 lbs
Overhead press- 165 lbs
Bench- 245 lbs

Oly Lifting-
I haven’t trained to much with oly lifting, and still need to work on my form. I plan on staying
light until I get my form perfected then start increasing the weights.

I just started doing gymnastics movements, and at my height and weight I believe it will take a good amount of time to make progress on many of these movements. I really enjoy playing around with gymnastics movements though, so they will certainly be part of my training.

Goals for the next 8 weeks:
Deadlift- 495 lbs
Squat- 425 lbs
OH press- 185 lbs
Bench- 275 lbs
A muscle up with no momentum/kip and be able to do a handstand balance for 10 seconds

M- Dead-lift with snatch grip, back squat, Push press- Accessory Work
T- Gymnastics- abs
W- rest
R-Clean and Jerk, Incline bench, OH squat Accessory Work
F-Gymnastics- abs
S-Snatch, Dead lift, Front Squat- Sprint and explosive work
S- Rest
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