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been playing with some of this. here's some thoughts:

i feel that doing tempo work and hict the same day works well. for one, it just seems hard to find a decent upper body version of hict w/o the legendary versa climber. second, i've been skipping tempo squats since i can't squat heavy later in the week if i do tempos (i'm a bitch, i know, but i can't squat more than once a week at all unless i cut out everything else i do). thus i hope that hict box step ups w/ a little added weight gives a similar aerobic benefit of tempo work to my posterior chain. meanwhile the upper-body tempo work takes care of aerobic benefits up there.

i'm gonna try tempo SLDL, but that might suck really hard.

explosive repeat is just fun, but doing 8 minutes of light aerobic work between every series or exercise is a little boring. at most i do 3 minutes of jump rope. it does seem to fire you up for the next series though.
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