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Day 1

s+c is gonna be divided into push,press and leg

5 minutes of jumprope/jogging, then leg warmup (3x10 circuits one-legged squats to a box (per leg), leg curls with a band, leg curls on the JG)

pull workout: 3X10 db rows (25# dumbbell, 1 arm at a time), 90 degree body rows on the Jungle gym, one arm chinups on the TRX

workout 2: metcon
10 sets of 30 bw squats, 10 band pulls and 10 band chest presses

Food + supplements:

l-glutamine 1000mg before breakfast

breakfast: 2 egg whites, 1 banana, cinnamon + 1 tbsp flax meal "porridge"

lunch: cabbage with tuna and some sesame seed oil (not a lot)

snack: handful of almonds, protein shake with creatine dose #1 (they say 3 doses for the first week)

post workout: BCAA/creatine #2

dinner: sausage with potatoes and cabbage (I know, it's fatty and starchy, but this is my transition week)

post workout: creatine #3, fish oil
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