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Default My AWESOME Experience with Best Buy

First of all, I think I went through withdrawal from not having a computer and not being able to go online for the past month-ish. But, I'm here to say that I'm over my addiction, and so now I plan to create a new, even worse internet addiction in its place

Anyways, what I'd like to share, even though it has nothing to do with fitness, is my experience with Best Buy. I have a MacBook Pro, and like an idiot, I bought it from Best Buy because I believed all the BS about their great customer service. I even got the Black Tie Service Plan. In any case, for the past 2 years (yeah, I said 2 years), the computer randomly turns on and off, randomly starts typing, randomly starts clicking items on the page, sometimes the mouse works but not the keyboard, sometimes the keyboard but not the mouse, sometimes the mouse works but won't click. I've taken the computer to Best Buy 6 times. Always for the same problem, and they always tell me, "it's the battery, here's a new one," and I get the same screwed up computer back.

Finally, I got fed up, took the computer to the Mac store and had them run the diagnostic. They said, "oh it's you're logic board" which explains all the issues I've been having. Mac store charges $350 to replace the board, but I figure it's still under warranty at Best Buy, so I'll take it there and tell them it's the logic board. So, I do just that. Geek Squad sees the computer malfunctioning, acknowledges that I had the diagnostic run, acknowledges that it is the logic board. They send the computer out, and it comes back with GUESS WHAT? A new battery. Now at that point, I lost my temper, argued, flipped out, etc and demanded a new logic board. But it should've have had to come to that. 2 years of taking it in for the same problem every time? What gives?

Now, supposedly after 3 services with your machine, Best Buy's policy is just to give you a new machine, but clearly that hasn't happened and isn't going to happen. But I just wanted to share with everyone how absolutely absurd and frustrating Best Buy has been.

Long story short, and if you're wondering why I wrote this, I just wanted to forewarn anyone who might be in the market for a new computer to look somewhere else besides Best Buy since apparently their service plans are just a selling point and they won't actually back them up.
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