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I typically don't have the best luck pushing the deadlift and backsquat at the same time. I'd do the deadlifts every other week to spread out the stress. Squatting volume might be a little on the high side - you'll just have to watch out for how much knee and hip extension/running is going to pop up in metcons. I don't think the 5x5's will kill anyone, just depends on how low you start. The first thing I would do if a lot of folks are stalling would be to drop the 5x5's to 3x5's.

Beyond that, when I did SS, I found that recovery had to be pretty precise once I got to the point where I was really depending on a little progress to make my lifts. Things like riding my bike too much, not eating enough, not sleeping enough, would screw me - there just wasn't much room for error, and I would get derailed pretty easily. I've favored a combination of max effort, rep maxes (Max reps @ X%), or finding daily maxes and working volume off those numbers, all for the sake of giving some flexibility based off recovery from the week's metcons.
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