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Ben Byram
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My views on Crossfit aside, I'd drop a metcon as I expect 3 is enough and do.

M - Skillwork + metcon
T - Squat 5x5, Press 3x5, Deadlift 1x5
W - Long metcon
T - Off (I don't like 5 days in a row)
F - Power clean 5x3, Squat 3x5 + metcon (with pressing included).

You cover all the lifts, sufficient metcon and better recovery.

I'd add a little weight to Tuesday's squat for Friday, then use that same weight for 5 sets across on Tuesday of the following week.

Just my opinion....

.... on reflection, Monday's metcon would be better on Saturday as I agree doing anything before heavy squats isn't good. Or some LSD cardio or long-intervals - heaven forbid.
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