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Originally Posted by Geoffrey Thompson View Post
What about broad time and modal domains? That are unknown and unknowable?"
That means running through the woods, then people jump out at you and start hitting you with bats (the flying kind) and you have to defend yourself with dirt and rocks (new fighting style), THEN you reach a river and have to make a bridge from big rocks and big logs - but you've never been taught how to lift or do those things - and finally escape the marauders and the bats across a river and into another jungle with more restless natives (like Ewoks) waiting in the shadows.

Unknown and unknowable is not whether or not there are going to be muscle ups or power cleans because usually it's wall ball and burpees. I think unknown means 'learn this new motor skill or die' and 'defend yourself against a fighting style you've never seen or die'. But I suppose a more common known/unknown is the type of manual labor we could encounter...
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