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Default Time to Get Dirty

I, along with several friends, am going either do a Warrior Challenge in October, or a Tough Mudder in September.

If it's the Warrior Challenge, I'm not really concerned about it and may do it drunk seeing as it's only 3 miles or so.

The Tough Mudder though, is gnarly. 10-12 miles, various obstacles, and it's definitely the big boy course.

Not really sure how to prepare for it. Tough Mudder is in September, and I am rediscovering my endurance, but just being able to run far isn't going to be enough, I don't think.

Currently, I am following an unintentionally drawn out Get Fit Quickly approach I saw in Andrew W's sig when he still had it. Looking to lift 2-3x/week depending on recovery.

Only reason I'm posting this thread is because on the Tough Mudder website they said in New Jersey only 78% of people finished.

Input appreciated.
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