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New workouts:

A- DB Power Cleans 4 x 5 reps each, DB Straight Leg Deads x12 x12 x10, DB Front Squat x12 x10 x8, Full Bodyweight Plyo Squats 2x5

B- Assisted pullups x10 x10 x10 x8 (overhand grip), Pushups or DB Bench Press x12 x12 x10 x8, DB Bent Row x12 x12 x10, Pop Pushups 2 x 3-5 (plyos for few powerful reps, full ROM), External shoulder rotations 2 x 15-20 (light prehab) Choice of 2-3 abs exercises for 2-3 sets each

C- Push Press x10, x8, x8, x6(one week) Shoulder Press x12, x12 x10 x10 (the other week), Neutral Grip Pushups 3 sets to just before failure, DB Bicep Curl x12 x10 x10, External Shoulder Rotations 2 x 15-20 reps (light prehab), Tricep DB Kickback x12 x12 x10, DB Hammer Curls x10 x10(optional), choice of 2-3 ab exercises for 2-3 sets each

Trying to figure out how to work hip-dominant work into this... sumo deads are out but KB swings maybe? and also for ab exercises wanna include rotational, like cable chops, but not sure how. and grip work. plus need to make sure to stretch out hip flexors and front of shoulders and strengthen lower back...
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