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Thanks Cyril. I've got a pair of Inov8 f-lite 230s that I really like and use on a gravel track while I am improving on my base level of fitness. In another month or two I will work on some trail runs, perhaps angling to hit some hills.

East Bay area has some good hiking trails that fit the bill to that effect.

I wasn't planning on doing the workout they have on there. For a race like this, I figure outside of the running and other aerobic stuff, the extra should fill the gaps, covering the anaerobic and strength side.

I don't want to waste away trying to get ready for a 10-12 mile race of all things.

Let us know how your race in May goes. I'd be interested to see how you ran it, and what you do to prepare.

I'm kinda hopped over the possibility of this because I am actually hyper competitive with no current competitive outlet, and I have never done an actual race where people didn't finish.
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