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I want to experiment with it as well. I have a tournament in about 9 weeks so thought I could do the 8-weeks out protocol. It is totally confusing though. For example, for week one it says to do just 2 sessions of cardiac output, tempo, HICT, HRI, aerobic plyo and explosive repeat. But when you look at those actual sections it says you can do all of them twice a week except for cardiac output which can be more often and tempo which is only once a week. So do I do a session of say cardiac output, tempo, HICT, HRI, plyo and explosive repeat and then another session of cardiac output, HICT HRI, plyo and explosive repeat?

Also, I still wanted to lift weights (high volume, lower weight) until I was about 4 weeks out but it's not mentioned in his program specifically but I think it's still okay?
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