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Justin Arnold
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Wait a couple months.

Merrell has a few models for men and women coming out in March. I have a pre-production sample of their heaviest duty version ("trail glove") and it's really, REALLY good.

NewBalance has the Minimus series coming out on a similar time frame. I haven't seen them in person yet but they should be really nice. Their 101 (out already) is a trail runner that works well as a more minimal or transition shoe. Much lower heel than most, though the shank in the sole stiffens it up quite a bit. At least it makes it easy to stay off your heels.

For the record, both of these are significantly less shoe than the inov8s.

Just be careful with the transition. If you are stubborn and don't check the ego/mileage/speed, you stand a really good chance of hurting yourself (stress fractures, achilles tendinitis, etc). Once you adapt though.. awesome.
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