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Troy Kerr
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Forgive me for not shifting through all four pages to find this, but have you tried a paleo zone approach? Definitely helps keep portions in check, and cycling it for 4 weeks at a time did me wonders. Im not going to lie, it can be a pain with the slight feeling of hunger, but it definitely helps drop the fat, as well as maintain performance. Just food for thought.
Also, I feel like your biggest issues besides overloading on fruit throughout the day is your post wod. It will not matter how well structured your workouts are, if your post WOD carb is sugar ( gatorade) and your portion is high, 30-45 carbs worth. It will def. impact your fat loss. Robb Wolf and OPT have both spoken about this, OPT even used to make recommendations on his blog based on one's bf%. Basically the lower your body fat, the more carbs you consumed post wod.
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