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The gatorade has nothing to do with it for an already lean individual. If he is healthy, and has no metabolic condition, such as diabetes/pre diabetes, it is by and large going to be a calories in/calories out situation.

Prepping for a 30k race is the most important piece of information that somehow didn't get into the original information when this thread was started. Trying to fit that race in with the lifting, CF and prowler work, while focusing on fat loss is a losing cause 100% of the time.

My bet is that if our OP has heeded the advice in this thread by dropping most of, if not all of the CF stuff, and focused more on running and lifting for durability, he'll drop a bit of fat unintentionally. Slight caloric deficit, more training at a lesser shock to the system = leaner, fitter, ready to race. As he nears 10% it may be a little different, but the tricks and tactics that some need to get into the 10% or below range are by and large inappropriate for him.
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