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Default Biomarkers, stress, stuff...


So I found this article…

The main points seem to be that although having 1 or 2 risks doesn’t have much effect on your mortality, health or cognitive functioning when you start piling the risks on, things get worse. Hardly ground-breaking news but important I suppose in that epidemiology often looks at once risk at a time. What intrigued me were the measures used. There were some standard measures of metabolic syndrome (cholesterol, HDL: total cholesterol ratio, blood pressure, hip: waist ratio etc.) but also some measures which I understand (poorly) as measuring stress (i.e. twelve-hour overnight urinary cortisol excretion, twelve-hour overnight urinary excretion of norepinephrine, twelve-hour overnight urinary excretion of epinephrine, & serum DHEA-S level).
I get my cholesterol checked every few years, looking mostly at HDL:LDL ratio, and that’s about it.
I’m wondering, does anyone know any more about the ‘stress’ measures? Do other people use biomarkers as part of their health/ fitness regime? And, does anyone get any of these stress measures?


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