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Default Elephant steps --- Pulling blocks

Elephant stepsTM Pulling blocks.

I always wanted to get a pair of these blocks:

But as I am from Germany there is no way I would spend that money plus shipping, tax added value etc. etc. to get a pair. Last year I heard of Sumo's impressive partial lifts and as I did not have the money to build a good power rack I decided to build myself a pair of "Elephantblocks", as I call them.

The following items are needed:

Power drill, power saw (ordinary saws and drills do fine but it will take longer to build the blocks)


1. 4 wooden plates (420mm x 350mm x 250mm x 25mm), I prefer MDF as it is not only sturdy but also heavy.
2. 4 wooden beams on one side (420mm x 50mm x 20mm)
3. 8 wooden beams (230mm x 50mm x 50mm); I made these from scap wood
4. 2 wooden beams (230mm x 90mm x 90mm); also from scrap wood
5. 32 brass angles(?)
6. 32 x 6 screws plus 4 screws for items 4. plus 8 screws for items 2.

It took less than 90 minutes to assemble two boxes and as I only bought the brass angles plus the four MDF plates the total cost was well below 50 bucks. Each box weights over 17kg and is sturdy like a tank. Infact I once dropped 216kg on the boxes from around 1000mm bar height, which didn't leave a dent...

Of all my self build equipment this by far the item I like most. I use them for partial deadlifts from different heights (the three sides offer three bar heights: 480mm, 530mm and 580mm), as support for the back leg during bulgarian split squats, for non-regular zercher squats from the bottom, floor presses and even (together with my bumper plates) as box for box jumps. I would not hesitate to load these boxes with 400kg--500kg, if the MDF side is on top you can double that, thanks to the center-support beams...
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