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Ran through the obstacle course working on parkour techniques.

Later on did (10) 100m sprints w/ 45-60 sec rest in between.


Power Clean & Jerks
worked up to 198lbs and did 3x3 with that.
afterwards did 4 rounds:
10 KB press (70lb-5l/5r)
5 power cleans (198lbs)


Front Squats
185lbs x 5
205lbs x 5
225lbs x 7

3 rounds
25 thrusters w/ 70lb KB
25 sumo deadlift high pull w/ 70lb KB
400m run
(can't remember the time on this one...I was smoked nonetheless)

Afterwards did the obstacle course frontwards/backwards/frontwards.


wall ball + burpees
afterwards did the following
10 man makers w/ (2) 35lb kb
1000m row
9 man makers w/ (2) 35lb kb
900m row
didn't have the time to go all the way down the ladder...

underestimated this one...haha
"One must try everyday to expand one's limits."
~Mas Oyama~
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