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Wow, that's a workout? Somebody who can do that many full front & back levers (I'm assuming they mean "tick-tocks"?) sure doesn't need the GymnasticsWOD, and I'd guess most CFers would have a long way to go to even do that workout in a full tuck position.

I find it amazing that elite athletes from other sports come into CF and seemingly forget all of the programming knowledge that it took to get them to the top of their game in a SINGLE sport, much less the impossible idea of training everything at once.

I know soon I'll get some person who had destroyed themselves saying, "Well, I would do the CFWU, then the MobilityWOD to prep, then I'd do the GymnasticsWOD as "skill" work, then the CFFB strength WOD, then the metcon o' the day. I should be able to handle all this, right?"

They will get a strong no.
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