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Troy Kerr
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I remember reading a post on here from a long time ago where Robb wolf said he trained the movements as "reps". Say a set of 5 for a lever was lowering to the movement, holding for 2-3 seconds, coming up, the repeating. That would turn out to about 15 seconds of total work in that position. Possibly letting someone with some exp. to use a heavier progression.

Yeah I agree. My affiliate is in the same town as a d1 college, and we get a few of their athletes. Anytime I have asked them what their programming was like, the majority of them don't pay attention to sets or reps, and sometimes can't recall the order of the movements they did. However most athletes expect all coaches to know, like their strength levels are as common as a sickness, and that telling the coach they played 4 years of college ball as a wider receiver is all the info we need to make a diagnosis.
Combine that with the fact that hq preaches they are the "end all be all" of any athletic attribute, and thats all it would take for an average athlete to fall into the trap.
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