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Originally Posted by Yael Grauer View Post
Ooh, interesting. Well I suppose I should focus on cardiac output, tempo and HICT since I scored the lowest in aerobic threshold and muscular endurance way back when I took Joel's test.

But you are only supposed to do tempo 1X/week and HICT 2X/week, so I could do 1 day of tempo/HICT/cardio, one day of HICT/cardio and one day of cardio... and then I could add HRI, plyo or explosive repeat if I feel like it... But I think I'll need to do cardiac output every day for a while to get up to snuff. At least I figure it can't hurt. I guess I could do cardiac output until week 4 when I switch to cardiac power, as rx'ed.

I guess what I'm wondering though is if it's be overkill if I also did my weight workouts, which is db power cleans, db straight leg deads, db squats and plyo squats on day 1, assisted pullups, pushups, db bent row and ab exercises on day 2 and then presses, pushups, tricep db kickbacks and abs on day 3. Was going to do those for the first 4 weeks and then stop for 4 weeks. Or are you supposed to stop everything and just do the program?
if you're doing 3+ bjj/mma days per week, i think the rx of just 1 main S&C goal w/ one possible secondary goal is enough. to be honest, if you're putting a good effort into each bjj/mma session, then you should be struggling to have greater than 3 workouts in addition to all this. that is unless you're only doing cardiac output; i know i could do cardiac output around 5-6x a week in addition to bjj if that's all i did. i would definitely get weaker and i wouldn't get any benefits (based on what i need right now), but i could do it.

basically, if you think you need endurance, just follow his rx of keeping that the main goal with only 1 day devoted to strength. i would probably keep the strength to just blunt ME of the big 3. if you're doing multiple cardiac output sessions during the week, i probably would not do any cardio after the strength workout.

you can return to your strength work after the block is over. i was skeptical when i started this, but after retesting my strength near the end of this experimentation period, i've actually had improvements. i think it's just because i took a break and gave a rest to all the prior work. thus, you may just benefit from switching gears altogether so that you rest what needs rest and build what needs to be built.
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