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Phenomenal post.


Back to your original question, I think all out efforts, of whatever variety, are to smartly divvied out. Take sprint training for example. A 200m sprinter will do loads of starts, build-ups, hopping, bounding, weight work etc. Max efforts, both on the track and in the weight room certainly happen, but that is relatively rare especially when max speed and or power is the desired goal.

In the case of a wrestler or someone wanting to excel at a strength endurance effort like most cross fit WODS one can make some inroads into failure, but even here a truly "max effort" can destroy one for days. 10 dips, 10 pull-ups, 10 rounds performed at a brisk pace...with a few sets taken to failure or segmented will be challenging but is nothing compared to a head to head team event with the same WO. Arousal level, degree of fatigue...these things all play into how deep into failure on can march, and consequently how deep those inroads are and what the recovery process will be. This all plays significantly into what YOUR goals are. Much of strength endurance is the substrate storage and utilization that Steve mentioned.
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