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Dave Coughlin
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Nice work Gant, the hybrid evolves again!

I was thinking about going with the Texas Method, but those 5x5s were pretty intense. Recovery might be an issue for me, if my shift night I don't sleep too well (which is almost always a given). This template gives me some wiggle room throughout the week, which I usually utilize. My questions to you are as follows:

-How many days a week are you doing other active stuff? Meaning BJJ, Highland Games prep, or anything else....I like to compete in a variety of stuff, like you; so I'm interested in seeing how you integrate the non-barbell days.

-What would be a good progression with developing my olympic snatch and clean? You list the power versions of both, which IIRC you said you prefer in your original Hybrid thread. Should I start with the Hang Power versions one week, power the next, and then into the olympic versions? I ask because I may try my hand at a masters olympic competiton in the late spring/early summer.
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