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Guys, I've taken all of your advice in this thread.

Thank you for all of it. That's why this website ROCKS.

Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
5/3/1 + assistance and either Prowler OR WOD is too much. Not only that, but it is far from optimal to run a race of 30km.

I also have a feeling you'll still do Fran next time it comes around. I note these things because I identify with you a bit and mean no offense.

Best of luck and let us know how the race goes.
The thing is this.

I ran a Half Marathon with no training (runnning - purely CF/prowler etc..) and posted a decent time for a first timer. So after that race, I figured I might as well stick with what I was doing and continue doing it for the 30km race. I know totally wrong approach.

As for Fran, I wanted badly to do it the other day, but I skipped it when it came up in the WOD at my box. It was hard but I had other plans.

Originally Posted by Troy Kerr View Post
Forgive me for not shifting through all four pages to find this, but have you tried a paleo zone approach?

Also, I feel like your biggest issues besides overloading on fruit throughout the day is your post wod. .
Yes I follow Paleo. It has been hard lately - wifey is preggers and can't stomach and smells of cooking even basic of foods - so what I am to do? Know what I mean.

I know my Post WOD Shake is my biggest problem, but I am learning as to what to replace the carbs with another form. I just can't stomach to eat something after an intense WOD so that's why I use the liquid.

If I can find a liquid that is healthy (not sure if something exists) I will sub out the gatorade. Any help on this would be awesome.

Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
The gatorade has nothing to do with it for an already lean individual. If he is healthy, and has no metabolic condition, such as diabetes/pre diabetes, it is by and large going to be a calories in/calories out situation..
I am about 10 or so pounds from where I want to be and then I'll be set. My abs are starting to show (on the sides) and my stomach is getting flatter and flatter. I just need to shed the last ten or so. As for the gatorade, I am not super lean (say a 8-10% BF).

What I have done though to my training is put the runs (two a week) on my off days from CF/Strength Training so that I'm not overloading and running a calorie deficit day.

Thanks everyone for the support.
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