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Troy Kerr
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Looking forward to it. I know the popular training method is to train movements at their static position for best results. Steven I know your article states the training the statics will lead to faster gains, but you prefer to be stronger in all planes of movement. Some movements I fell I respond better to training just the statics, like the back lever, and l-sit. But for the front lever I feel a lot stronger doing negatives 1x a week, statics 1x, and front lever pulls 1x. I feel rotating between a PPPU and statics help me feel a lot stronger in the planche development as well.
I feel like that could be a mix of staying on a strict steady state cycle for the past year, so possible changing up movements adding a new stimulus. Or altering the movements changes up the amount of force put on the body. Almost like rotating between a " heavy, light, and medium" training schedule.
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