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Nathan Stanley
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Day 3 of the WS program

1a Snatch Grip Deadlift 2x5x275 lbs
1b DB Bench 2x6x70 lbs (90 sec in between each excercise)

2a Snatch Grip Deadlift 2x10x225lbs
2b DB Bench 2x12x70 lbs (60 sec in between each exercise)

3a Split Squat w/ 2x20lbs DB 2x12
3b Standing band pull/row 2x12 (60 sec rest after the superset only)

4a Pull throughs 2x15x40 lbs
4b Plyo Push-ups 2x12

AMRAP in 2 min:
1. Hop Scotch x 10
2. Explosive Step-ups x 10
3. Plank walk ups x 10
4. Squat jumps x 10
2 min rest
Repeat two more times.
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