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Hi, my first post here. Please let me know if I breach ettiquette. I have been waiting to respond to this one (need to get access here first). It kinda feels like we are both re-inventing the wheel and making things way too complex here.

Here are a selected set of standards set in the NSCA reference textbook, "Essentials of Strength and Conditioning"

Maximum Strength
1. Bench Press 1RM (also a powerlifting event)
2. Back Squat 1RM (also a powerlifting event)

Maxium Power
3. Power Clean 1RM (a modified Olympic event)
4. Standing Long Jump and/or Vertical Jump

Anaerobic Capacity
5. 300-yard Shuttle

Local Muscular Endurance
6. Partial Curl-up aka Crunches (also a USMC fitness standard)
7. Push-up (also an US Army fitness standard)
8. Pull-up (***ADDED, NOT FROM NSCA...but a USMC fitness standard)

Aerobic Capacity
9. 1.5mi Run or 12-minute Run. (1.5mi run is a US Navy and USAF fitness standard. 12-minute run is the venerable Cooper Test)

10. T-test and/or Hexagon Test
11. Pro-agility Test (also an NFL COmbine event where it is known as the 5-10-5 shuttle run)

12. 40-yard Sprint (also an NFL Combine event)

13. Sit-and-reach test
14. Gray Cook Functional Movement Screen (***ADDED, NOT FROM NSCA...but this makes the Flexibility section much more comprehensive and up-to-date).

The advantage for using the above is that this book includes percentile ranks by gender and sport so you would know how you ranked, for example, against division 1 NCAA Basketball players. The American Football tables are also broken out by position.
The Google Books preview of this book had portions of the standards chapter about a month ago but seems to lack them now.

My "decathalon" would be:
1. Bench Press, 2. Back Squat, 3. Power Clean, 5. 300-yd Shuttle, 6. Crunches,
7. Push-up, 8. Pull-up, 9. 12-minute Run, 11. Pro Agility Test, 14. Functional Movement Screen

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