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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
Hey Jim
Thanks for responding. Cool to see that you didn't have to change things outside of weather affecting access to the gym. How have the Oly progressions gone thus far?
My oly lifts are progressing but the main goal of this training plan is rebuilding. I scaled my weights way back to start the 5-3-1 cycle and I won't let my ego force me chase weights I'm not ready to attempt. Plus I'm a big wus and have avoided rep work over the years and the higher rep final sets are good for me.

My plan for now is to keep grinding away. I'm adding in more stuff right now. I'm grappling more simply because it's always been something I do and I'm add the kettlebells back more aggressively because I'm attending the Buckley/Dolby kettlebell work shop in April.

I don't plan on changing anything in the core program until I talk to Gant in person at the Putting All Together seminar in DFW in April.

Anything extra is just that so I don't let it affect anything significant on my core days.
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