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Robb Wolf is following an interesting program with a split in straight arm work, bent-arm, and o-lifting. Kinda interesting. Steven how would you recommend going about training static times if one is not using a steady state ?

íve been doing a rotating template with two different upper body gymnastics days and a lower body weights+OL day.

Day 1- Straight arm: I work a ton of isometric holds on the rings, handstands, scapular protraction and retraction movements. Mixed into this is also front/back lever work and planche work. It does not look like much on paper but itís very demanding. I use a few bands to aid the planche work. Iíll shot some video on a few of these when I get a chance. Reps are in the 1-5 range, always progressing movements to more technical variants when I can consistently get more than 5 reps.

Day 2-Bent Arm: This video shows me doing some 1-arm pull up work using a rope and a 30#DB as assistance weight. I do 1 rest 1 minute, switch arms, do another. When I make 3 total reps on each arm, thatís a set. I have progressed to using a 20lb DB and doing 2 reps per arm. I can do an unassisted pull up with my right arm, close on the left. Then I do some straddle planche push ups. These are super hard and I had no mojo on them initially, but can actually do a few now. I am doing sets of 3-4 on this, just trying to make the movement harder.

Day 3-Lower: I forgot to mention that I do a ton of warmup and mobility work before all of these sessions. Scotty and Ido have some great sequences specific to which day I am working.

After warming up I do some activation/speed work. This may mean doing jumps from kneeling to standing (I had trouble doing this initially, I can now jump onto a 10Ē box). I also use box jumps and round offs. This is all to further the warm up and prime the nervous system for some speed-strength work in the form of an OL derivative. Iíve mainly been using a power clean. Iíve worked up to doing 110kg for a triple in the PC which is plenty for me at this point. Some days when Iím not feeling good itís 80kg for the top end. Other days, I feel good and go for it. I just play with volume and intensity as I described above. I finish with back squats, DL, RDL or similar moves. Reps are 1-3, sets 2-8.

Day 4-For about 6 weeks I just repeated the template or took a day off and started over. Lately Iíve been doing a conditioning day comprised of either sprints (if the weather permits) or heavy bag work. Iíve been keeping the work either low intensity to avoid lactate or I make the rest periods quite long. I want to get back to jits again and am slowly building some conditioning before going back.
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