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Yeah, I wish we got to roll more but being the smallest in a gym full of wrestlers I'd probably be a lot more beat up if we did.

Well, I think the problem is that I have too many goals at the same time. Was just talking to a friend/coach I really respect and he said that you can work strength, endurance or sports-specific technique, but not all three at the same time. He told me to pick two. Obviously, technique has to be one of the two. I'm torn between the others. Just found out I'm competing in a month AND in two months, so I thought I'd do a month-long strength cycle (lots of posterior chain work and some of my other weak spots) and put all the supplements I've got to good use (creatine, glutamine, protein powder) and do tournament #1, and then stop doing the strength cycle and really ramp up the conditioning for tournament #2--because by then it'll be spring and I can go outside and run, bike, etc. without freezing. I don't have a gym membership right now so that'd be my best bet I think. I do have a heavybag but I feel like I really need a treadmill, indoor track or Airdyne if I'm going to ramp up my cardio. So I guess I'll just wait. Plus by then I'll have a bit more muscle which will make cutting easier. I guess I'll put 8WO on the backburner for now so I won't be trying to do too many goals at once.
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