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Originally Posted by John Thomas View Post
This brings up another good point. A lot of their suggestions for scaling just make things worse -- 3/3 or 4/4 dips/pull-ups for someone that can't do a muscle-up; jumping pull-ups or pure negatives for someone that can't do a pull-up; 3 dips for every ring dip.

When you already have a potentially rhabdo inducing amount of reps, asking the untrained to triple the work or to focus only on the negative is not the way to go.
Ah yes, an excellent point. First time 30 muscle ups came up as the WOD, I didn't own a set of rings and had never done a muscle up, so I did 120 pullups and 120 dips. I was physically unable to straighten my arms for an entire week, no exaggeration. That was dumb.... 30 muscle ups is no where near as hard as 120 pullups and 120 dips.
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