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Originally Posted by Steve Shafley View Post
The exposure CFE got in 4 Hour Body is just going to make things worse. In fact, I think the majority of the 4HB book is essentially unworkable exaggeration.
I picked up a copy of 4HB last night and flipped through it and saw the schedule in the endurance section towards the back and saw CF everywhere. I thought wait a minute, looked at it more closely and it was the CFE protocol straight from the CFE website. CF 3 on, 1 day off with 3x CFE WODs a week with the Time Trial on a CF rest day.

I didn't look through the book to see if Tim Ferris tried out this protocol for himself or if he had a case study or story of someone else succeeding with this protocol.

I used CF along with some CFE WODs in early 2010 and was able to improve my 10km time. I posted a race report on my website (work and family safe) and tried to pull together as much data as possible. However, I've thought about this more since that race, I built up to a half-marathon in November 2009 and I also ran the 400m in track in high school and college, PR was 49.75s. So, I think having had good endurance before helped me regain some of that ability quickly later on. Not sure if there is a technical name for it, I just call it the "has-been returns" effect. This would be similar to the "novice" effect.
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