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breakfast: ALA, then glutamine + 2 hardboiled eggs

workout #1: assisted pullups x10 x10 x10 x8 (neutral grip), Jungle Gym XT Pushups x12 x12 x10 x8, DB Bent Row x12 x12 x10, Pop Pushups 2 x 3-5, External shoulder rotations 2 x 15-20 (light prehab), a few kb swings for hip mobility

shake: BCAAs, creatine, water

lunch: Wild Boar Chop with rosemary roasted potatoes, sausage roasted winter squash, sauerkraut, surly bender demi
oh, plus dessert: Chocolate Flourless Torte with gingered cherry compote, crème fraîche sabayon, toasted macadamia nuts

workout #2: BJJ plus got to roll with two guys (and got an RNC on a new guy, woo hoo!)

dinner: pork tenderlon with tomatoes, onion, cilantro and lime juice. fish oil.

oh yeah had post-workout coconut milk/drink stuff
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