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Originally Posted by Sam Cannons View Post
What is best way of increasing the 1RM. I was going to start 10x1 3/week next week. Any idears, thought ?


Sam In Aus
Huyoooge question. I'm a fan of ladders. Look for Shaf's primer on ladders. Others will no doubt respond with more or less detailed responses. Ladders is the best advice I got for you.

Also, I believe that everything makes my deadlift go up. Squats, good mornings, deadlifts from a deficit (like off a box), or snatch grip or even tall shoes like army boots. Peter has had good luck with OHS, rack pulls transferring. I have heard of people use clean high pulls and RDL's....It' my belief that if your DL isn't going up, you are either closing in on your genetic potential or you aren't working it very hard.

Gobs of info out there on DL. If you are brand new to DL, check out a copy of power to the people. or google it. Wait I'll tell you Pavel's big secret........ 2 sets of 5 everyday, one work set, one back off set. Start at a low weight, Nowhere close to failing, add 5 pounds a week. take a back off week every month and retest your max.
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