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Here you go. Steven Plisk actually wrote a chapter in the NSCA's CSCS textbook, but I think he recently disassociated himself from the organization.

Andy Mclean wrote: what is the best route into S&C
in the US? What qualification do you believe will open the most doors?
What qualification do you believe is actually worthwhile from a
developmental view point.


In my opinion you now have the gold standard right there in your back yard: the
UKSCA's Accredited S&C Coach program.

The Center of Excellence for Sport Science & Coach Education @ East Tennessee
State University, directed by Meg Stone, hosts the exam each year at its annual
Coaches & Sports Science College.
The event has quickly gained recognition. The credential should continue to do
so as well. The folks who develop and administer it are doing things right.

Having said all that - S&C here in the USA is an interesting scene. There are
some very good coaches and programs, but the noise is out of control. That's not
making it easy to find a best route for finding jobs.

Best regards,

Steven Plisk
Excelsior Sports
Shelton CT
Prepare To Be A Champion!
Andy Mclean wrote:
Interesting that Meg and Mike Stone are running a UKSCA test over there. If I
were to apply for a job in the US with the UKSCA certification how do you think
that would be received?


As the UKSCA continues gaining recognition among S&C professionals, hopefully it
is already highly valued within the field and continuing to gain respect.

As for what employers are looking for, that's tough to say.Unfortunatelyit seems
to be a crapshoot. With so many belief systems and 'certifications' available -
some reputable, many not - there's a little bit of everything.


Steven Plisk
Excelsior Sports
Shelton CT
Prepare To Be A Champion!
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