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So it's been 3 months since I had got this injury, and although the pain is no longer present passively or to palpate, I still can't really press, or do work on the rings. Especially trying to lower into a back lever is really painful, it feels like my arm is going to fall off. As I read symptoms it really seems like a rotator cuff tear to me.

Sports medicine doc though says he's never seen a rotator cuff tear in someone under 45. Don't really think that's a valid method of medical treatment - anecdotal evidence from his own personal experience. He said maybe it's a SLAP tear. I think it would be weird to get a SLAP tear bench pressing.

Anyway he told me to wait 6 more weeks and then maybe an MRI. I am just really tired of not being able to do much exercise-wise, and I'm worried that the longer I wait the less function I will possibly have in my shoulder after a potential surgery. What do you guys think?
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