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Jesse Woody
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I was going to add sets of 1rm every other day on top of the other crossfit Rx.
Sets of your max every other day? The deadlift is a VERY stressful movement. Being that you're new to it, you can handle more-frequent training, but every other day might still be a bit much, especially if you're lifting at or near max loads. If I were you I'd start with two days a week, and cut the Crossfit WOD's back to compensate for the added stress. Make one day heavy (7x3, 10x2, 5x1, etc.) and one day moderate-light (5x5, 2x8, etc.) To start out I'd keep at least two days rest between these efforts. This is the way I've approached the deadlift in the past, occasionally adding a third day or dropping to one day depending on how recovered I feel. I'm in no way a world-class deadlifter, but I have lifted 405# at a bodyweight of 175# which was up from a 325# max barely a year earlier. I think that with the deadlift recovery is especially important, so don't add too much to your plate at one time!
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