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Originally Posted by Chris Butler View Post
I train everything EDT style.
I had to look this up. So it's essentially an AMRAP protocol using your 10RM and always staying well under failure? It seems like more of a mass-building program than strength one, I've never heard of a strength program that uses 10RM loading. Staley seems well regarded, but his website for the program reads like sites that hawk acai berry diets and similar crap. I'm also calling BS on his physics:

Originally Posted by Chris Butler View Post
This past summer I fractured my foot. I usually rely on mountain biking and hiking for my cardio. I did significantly less cardio coming into this season and I'm a whole lot faster on the skintrack than past seasons. As much as 45min. faster on "Worker laps".
Interesting. After two months of SS I have maintained pretty well considering that I have only been able to get out for one tour per week at best this winter (which has been pretty much my only cardio), but I am definitely not noticeably faster skinning than in years past.

Originally Posted by Chris Butler View Post
followed by armoring.
Armoring? If you mean adding muscle mass, at 5-6, 160 and <10% BF I already have all the lean body mass I want.
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